We offer a full, inexpensive package for mastering and vinyl pressing, but the final piece of the puzzle is now getting your release around the world. We specifically work with electronic music only and as a small distributor we pay very close attention to each label that works with us to ensure that your release receives the best level of promotion and exposure. 

All of the releases we distribute fall within Grime, Garage, Dubstep or Hip Hop. This has lead to a close relationship with stores in their understanding of the type of music we release and continued confidence in buying. Our list is relatively smaller than other distributors so there is no chance your music will be lost in the system and we continually promote your record until it has sold out. 

An example of some of the labels we distribute are; Fent Plates, Blacklink Sound, It's Foundation, DVS Recordings, Mixing Records, Oil Gang, Reloadz, Route 1 Audio, Shinigrim, Yellow Flower, Vinyl Vigilance, White Peach, Pond Life, Sure State & more.

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer and how we can help your label, then drop us an email on contact@whitepeachrecords.co.uk