BD069X - Diplo ‎– F10RIDA


BD069X - Diplo ‎– F10RIDA

14.99 22.49

A1 Florida

A2 Big Lost

A3 Sarah

A4 Money Power Respect

B1 Into The Sun

B2 Way More

C1 Diplo Rhythm

C2 Works

D1 Indian Thick Jawns

D2 Summer's Gonna Hurt You

D3 It's All Part Of A Bigger Plan

E1 Epistemology Suite 1: Don't Fall

E2 Epistemology Suite 2: Like Cats

E3 Epistemology Suite 3: You're Enron

F1 As I Lay Dying

F2 Flute Jawn

F3 Making It Hard

F4 Now's The Time (F10RIDA Rework)

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