Please see our mastering section for greater information. We offer record mastering services and this is absolutely vital in making sure that the music is prepared perfectly. Great masters that are tailored for wax create excellent records.


Metalwork / Lacquers

Creating the perfect metalwork isn't an easy task. We make sure that the entire process is monitored with thorough checks along the way. After the lacquer is cleaned and processed, it is prepared through a delicate process with no physical interaction. The lacquer is then coated in silver nitrate which fills the grooves preparing it for electroplating.

This plate is placed into a container with a very specific solution so that the plate can be treated accordingly. This occurs for roughly two hours until there is enough Nickel on the plate so that it can be separated as a complete sheet. This is the negative. 

This is cleaned and then enters the containers again so that a positive can be created which is the master lacquer. A stamper is created through the exact same process and this is what is used to fix onto the press. 


The Run

With high run speeds and a great bit of metalwork, any quantity can be selected for the press size and this is usually done after the approval of test presses. It isn't always necessary to get test presses, but this can be discussed on an individual basis. 

The prices above are a few different variations on what we can offer.

We offer 10", 12" and 7" diameters where you can choose between regular weight or heavy weight, coloured vinyl or even picture disks. We offer a large selection of sleeves such as paper inner sleeves, white or black disco sleeves, full colour spinned sleeves to luxury boxes. All prices are inclusive of VAT. The prices above do not include test presses. 

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